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Inspiration?  It is nourishment to the artist, to the artist’s spirit or soul.   It is the key which unlocks your awareness of your talent, your potential, and it is also your fuel.  Without inspiration you will never be great.  Inspiration comes from many people, places, or things.  You may be inspired by success.  You may be inspired by failure.  You may be inspired by a great singer.  You may be inspired by non-musical art, such as paintings or sculptures or dance or even nature.  Inspiration can get you started, keep you going and help you to grow as an artist.  Seek inspiration.  Go and find it.  It is everywhere.   Don’t wait for it to come to you.  Be inspired!

Some people are intimidated by success or by great artists.  Some people compare themselves to others and decide they will never be as good as… whomever.  This can guarantee failure.  It is a stupid thing to do.  Don’t do that.  Instead, when you encounter greatness, you are observing the reality of potential realized.


When you find out why you do what you do, you can be unstoppable.  Write 100 reasons why you sing or why your singing goal is a part of you.  You can try to do this thing of writing 100 reasons in a day or so, or you can take all the time you need and to evolve.

You can also discover what motivates others and see what does and does not work for you.

If your motivation disappears, find some more.  If it dies, your dreams die but it is you who murders your dreams.  You can always make a new dream but the core of who you are lives in your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Never blame another for your failure to: do enough, long enough, and good enough.  If you blame someone, that person is all and you are nothing.  They have power and you pretend you have none.  Blame kills both motivation and inspiration.  The enemy is not who you blame, the enemy is the act of blaming.

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